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From lead generation to deal closing and everything in between, Managementech can capture your sales process and ensure that everyone on your team follows it, even when you're not watching.

Sales Processes

Creating a standardized sales process based on your most successful sales methods gives your business a clear path to success.

Team Collaboration

We're a collaborative CRM designed to help you communicate with both your customers and your staff. Real-time sales updates will keep your team connected.

Sales Enablement

To win deals, you can't merely rely on your sales team's motivation, provide them with the appropriate sales tools. Spend less time with each transaction.

Easy To Use UI

The user interface is simple and intuitive, with a short learning curve.

Easy Setup

Data may be simply imported from spreadsheets or other CRM systems using the migration process.

Easy Pricing

Month-to-month contracts that are backed up by clear pricing schemes

Mobile Support

With our top-rated CRM apps for iOS and Android, you can sell on the move.


CRM connection with external systems and applications is made easier with a fully expandable developer platform.

Quick Startup

Programs for deployment, advice, onboarding, and training to help you get started quickly.

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